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Monday, 08 July 2024

Sold my car!

Last week was all about:

  • Today I sold my car. I’ve had it since 2017 and as we’re moving to France I no longer have a need for it.

  • Weather has been terrible so lots of rain and not much sun. This year the summer has been poor so far and lots of rain and cooler temperatures. We had one week last month of really good and hot weather but not this week.

  • On Tuesday I took the day off to go the Wandsworth Visa Application Centre London to supply all of my documents and photographs for my French Long Stay visa application. A long and stressful experience.

  • Cycled to The Half Moon at Cuxham with G and Alistair on Tuesday. Having spent all day going to London and back for the Visa application I was exhausted but it was great to get out cycling, especially the first half of the ride. Some of the best downhill sections on this route!

  • The first week of the Tour de France was on. An excellent first week with Cav winning his record 35th Tour de France stage victory, Pog gaining the Yellow Jersey, Girmay getting two stages, a gravel stage and a quick visit to the French/Italian alps.

  • Euro 2024 football also on and some how both England and France are in the competition. I don’t know how they have both managed by playing so poorly.

French Learning

  • Had a French lesson on Monday. Another week and another verb tense. I am super confused at the moment and I need to double down on the verbs and their tenses. If I crack these then life will become easier on other fronts of the language learning journey!

  • Did Duolingo every day but not focusing on it full 100% at the moment. Too much sport on TV which is massively competing with everything else.


  • Did an excellent bike ride on Tuesday

  • I did 3 other Zwift sessions in the garage. Doing it more regularly is good for sleep as I am tired and sleep becomes easier if you are knackered out from exercising!

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