Andrew Hudson

Tuesday, 21 May 2024

Weekend at my Parents

Last week was all about:

  • spent Wednesday to Sunday at my parents because my Mum was off on holiday and thought it’d be an excellent idea for me to be around for my Dad. Was great to be there and catch up with Dad and help out around the house and do some IT support.

  • I watched some of various Giro d’italia stages on TV, also watched some cricket, football and other sports.

  • My Brother and his family, then the rest of my family, joined us on Saturday and it was super cool for all the cousins to play together and for us adults to catch up as well.

French Learning

  • Continued learning with Duolingo. Up to 31 days streak. Jumping several units ahead. Mostly easy so far, just remembering is the difficult thing, the masculine vs femenine, the verbs.
  • Had my second French lesson online. Currently all about passé composé (é on a macos keyboard is option+e + e).
  • I am considering how I can create an app (macos or web app?) that helps me learn French words, especially verb conjugation. Still on the drawing board.
DescriptionLetterKeboard Shortcut
Accuteé, á, ó, ú, íé option + e , then the letter
Grave Accentà, è, ùoption + `, then the letter
Cédilleçoption + c
Circumflexâ, ê, î, ô, ûoption + i, then the letter
Trémaë, ï, üoption + u, then the letter
Quotation Marks«
option + \
option + shift + \


  • Did go for a couple of walks: with Marion to Goring and back along the river, around Sandhurst with my Dad. No Zwifting or riding this week.
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