Andrew Hudson

Thursday, 09 May 2024

Trip to Grenoble

Last week was all about:

French Learning

  • Continued learning with Duolingo.

  • Bought a copy of Velo magazine which is in French, reading some of my daughters French book

  • Had my try-out first lesson. I can understand a lot, but speaking I find really difficult, confidence and vocabulary being the causes.

  • Spent a long weekend in Grenoble with the kids. A beautiful part of the world surrounded by magestic French Alps. One day we’d love to move to France and if there were a place that I’d like to live in France it’d be in the Alps.


  • Did lots of walking while in Grenoble. Went running once with Alistair and Rich (a 10k). Did a Zwift session. No outdoor bike ride.

  • Continuing to use the standing desk

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