Andrew Hudson

Tuesday, 30 April 2024

Summer Spring Morning

Last week was all about:

French Learning

  • Started learning French with Duolingo app. Subscribing to the Super Duolingo so I can get unlimited lives, not have ten thousand adverts, and generally have a better experience. So far I am on a streak of 9 days. I do one in the morning then do multiple later in the day. Getting that one sets me up for the day and ensures I continue with the streak. I know it is a game but so far it is a fun one and if I learn some French vocabulary then its good!

  • I am going to get French lessons in person as well. Have a try-out first lesson tomorrow afternoon.


  • Last night I did 49 minutes on Zwift. A sub-140 bpm ride on a Zwift route (Wandering Flats in Makuri Islands) that I had not done before. This means more XP for me!

  • On Sunday we walked around Basildon Park with the kids in the rain and saw Bluebells in the woods there.

  • On Friday with Alistair we did this epic flatlands mountain bike ride to a beer festival at the Plum Pudding in Milton. Met up with G who is still recovering from being ill and took the bus there.

  • Have started using the standup desk again. The night before I make sure that I leave the desk in the standing mode so that in the morning it is ready for an hour or so of standing up. Some days it is easy and some not especially if I am tired. I will also aim to do a couple more standing sessions later in the day. Ending the day with some standing is good too.

  • Bought myself a standing mat to make standing more comfortable on my feet. This has been a huge positive change to my setup.

  • Continuing to do the calf raises on the stairs. Marion is doing some hip flexor stretches and ankle strengthening so I will try out those too. Never can one be flexible enough especially when sitting down so much during the day at work.

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