Andrew Hudson

Monday, 25 March 2024

In Ascension

Last week was all about:

  • Finally getting over Flu. Still coughing a load and a lot less energy than usual.

  • Marion caught my coughing illness, Emma has an ear infection, Arthur has a cold. Great time for illness as friends and family all affected with one thing or another.

  • Spring officially here. Weather grey and colder than usual.

  • Went for a bike ride with Alistair and G to The Bell on Tuesday. I was coughing so much during this ride, especially when there were any super difficult sections where my lungs needed to be engaged fully. A great pub and the surface was pretty sucky with sticky mud and damp ground.

  • First week of Zoe. On Monday I did a poop test, a blood test, started documenting my diet. The night before I started wearing a Blood Glucose sensor on my left arm so I can see how much blood sugar I have in real time. This will be useful to discover the affect of what I eat on how much sugar there is in my bloodstream.

  • Started watching the 3-Body Problem. Really enjoying it so far.

  • Finished reading “In Ascension” by Martin MacInnes and continued reading “Slow Productivity” by Cal Newport.

  • Took apart our old bed and built our new bed. Much smaller footprint but same matress size. Our room now feels twice as big and the bed is much better to sit and sleep in.

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