Andrew Hudson

Sunday, 03 December 2023

Advent LEDs

Here’s what I got up to last week:

  • Finished reading “Homesick: Why I Live in a Shed” by Catrina Davies. Enjoyed it.

  • Ordered some LED light strips during Black Friday and they arrived this week and set up in the office and in the lounge. In the office I have 2x 5m strips and I am loving them especially with the very short daylight hours my office is full of wonderful colour. I put them on a time schedule so they are on in the morning and off when I clock off at the end of the day. Magic!

  • Set up Home Assistant to co-ordinate all of the IoT devices around the house.

  • I did also try to hook up my Tapo LED strips (in the office) via Node but that is not currently working with the npm package I am using. Using Home Assistant to control said Tapo LED strip works so there’s hope that it will work in the future. Hopefully just a bug in the npm package.

  • Started Advent of Code 2023. Days 1, and 2 were fine. Day 3 is a killer. Need to re-visit it in the future days if I have time.

  • Went on a extremely cold bike ride to the Spire and Spoke with Alistair on Thursday evening.

  • Finally my illness / man-flu / cold has gone.

  • Took all of the Ikea cardboard to the recycling center (it was a full car-load) and this freed up massive space in the garage again.

  • With said space on Sunday afternoon I did a session on Zwift. Woop!

  • First days of the Siren Advent Calendar.

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