This week we stepped up our house searching, put our house on the market. I spent most of the working week putting the finishing touches to a PWA.


We put our house on the market on Thursday and saw 3 houses over this weekend. Last weekend we put an offer on a house in Wallingford but were not successful. There are plenty of houses but we are quite picky.


This week I spent most of my time polishing the PWA that I have been working on, including battling against the v2 of Workbox.js Service Worker library (there is a newer version but this was only in alpha when I started the work).

Then I switched focus and did some CSS which was really good to do (from one part of the brain - the maths and coding part - to the other art part).


I juggled on a couple of evenings this week, the max of 5-ball cascade is 20 throws. I have also started to learn 5-ball reverse-cascade and 4-ball shower. I need to also concentrate on 3-ball shower from my left side to improve speed and accuracy.