Weeknotes #27

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  • Winding down at work for Christmas and at home too.

  • Weekend: Arthur's Swimming lesson on Saturday morning then drove to Reading to get some Christmas presents. Sunday I went for a 6.8 mile run and we went to the playground in Crowmarsh in the afternoon. A chilled one for sure.

  • Have been running 4 times this week Mon, Weds, Fri and Sunday. 19.7 miles in total. Two mornings before work, in the dark and muddy. Monday after work in the muddy cold, and on Sunday morning a daytime run along the roads to a new running destination Brightwell cum Sotwell. Not sure I like running on the roads any more.

  • Thinking that next year will be the year I do my first marathon. Still looking at which one will be the first, and also if it will be a road or a trail marathon. The choices!

  • Exercise: Running Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Walking Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. 40 Vitality Points!

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