Weeknotes #26

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  • Yesterday morning I ran a super muddy route to Cholsey and then back along the river Thames. After a quick shower and scraping off all the mud we went to Millets Farm where Marion and Arthur went ice-skating (Arthur's first time!) while I entertained Emma. In the afternoon friends came around for cake.

  • No more gym for me. My 12 month gym subscription (work paid) has finished and I will use this oportunity to run more! Yeah in the cold and miserable winter I choose to run more. Go me!

  • On Friday evening we had our work Christmas party. We went to the Crazy Bear in Stadhampton. It was ace.

  • I have been ill for the last 4 weeks with a horrible cough but at last it seems to be leaving.

  • Exercise: gym Monday (the final day of membership); walk Tue, Wed and Saturday; run on Sunday. 40 Vitality Points!

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