Weeknotes #25

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  • Yesterday morning I ran Watlington 10k off-road 10k which was really good fun and very tough with two very steep hills to struggle up and sprint down. I'm pretty happy with my time especially that I beat the bloke in the black t-shirt to the line and have this horrible chesty cough & cold!

  • We put up the Christmas tree and went to Wallingford yesterday to see the Christmas lights and fireworks, with Arthur doing almost all of the tree decorating!

  • This week I went to the gym once and ran twice, walked 3 days too.

  • I have had this horrible cough and cold which has made running outside in the cold much fun. Hoping that will finish soon!

  • Work wise I have been doing a lot of React on two different projects. Learning more and more about the newer hooks.

  • Last weekend was my Dad's 70th birthday and the whole family had a big party near Bradford upon Avon. It was really great to catch up with everyone and see new young ones for the first time. On the Saturday morning 5 of us did Bath Skyline Parkrun!

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