Weeknotes #23

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Serene is launched into the world! #

At the start of October at work we launched a project that I have been working on for the last 10 months - Serene, a MacOS productivity app with companion Chrome and Firefox extensions - on Product Hunt. The launch was successful and I'm looking forward to working on adding new features to this in the next months!

Vitality Points Total #

The end of my first year with Vitality. I managed 3400+ points, took up swimming, ran two trail half-marathons, swam in the sea in Brighton, and lost 3 kilograms to 76.5. After a meadiocre start I signed up for free Amazon Prime with the condition of getting 160 points through exercise every month. This was the main driving force to get me to 40 points every week which meant me doing 5+ days of exercise weekly. Having the target meant that in moments of low motivation I had that carrot to get me out of the door and exercising.

Cambridge! #

For my birthday weekend Marion and I took the train to Cambridge, sans kids who were at my parents. It was really great to go back as I used to live there but had not been back for 9 years. We did the touristy thing, dodged the rain, wallowed in Heffers book shop (the best I've been to, now I have a big list of books to get) and watched a film at the arthouse cinema, and of course watched England demolish the All Blacks in the Rugby World Cup. We discovered Cambridge Gin Laboratory, walked along the backs, and had the delicious Fitzbillies Chelsea bun!

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