Here's what I got up to over the last week:

  • Did a Chef Masterclass on Sunday with Marion. Was delicious and learned a lot of chef skills.

  • Watched 127 Hours. Brutal!

  • Watched Empire of Light at the cinema in Wallingford. First time there and I really enjoyed the film.

  • Went for a bike ride with G and Malc. Have not riden with Malc before and its just non-stop super fast powerful riding so that was a great change. The temperature was freezing and I had mislaid one of my cycling gloves so had two thin gloves and one thick glove. Fortunately it was only cold after we left the warm cosy (Home Sweet Home pub) that the left hand was painful due to the cold. That didn't last long thank god.

  • Did some Zwifting. On Mon I did Zwift - Turf N Surf in Makuri Islands and on Friday I did Zwift - Tempus Fugit in Watopia

  • Spring most definitely here! Mild days yet cold nights and daylight hours and sunshine! The flowers are coming out (snowdrops, mainly) and the weather is super mild. A few days ago I sat out in the garden and just chilled out enjoying being outdoors and in the fresh air.

  • Finished reading "Solo" by Jenny Tough