Here's what I got up to over the last week:

  • Went for two Mountain bike rides! The first was solo out to the Spire and Spoke on Thursday evening (I went full out non-stop and still was back by 9-30), and the second was on Sunday morning with Alistair and G to a new destination - the Maker Space in Nuffield. Did two Zwift sessions. Definitely over did it this week so next week will have to be less hardcore!

  • Spring is almost here, I can feel it! The daylight hours are getting longer so that in the evening I can go for a walk and then pick the kids up and it still is light. I love it! Snowdrops are out, daffodils are preparing themselves to come out soon too.

  • Received some more bad news at work which affects all of us.

  • Started applying for jobs so that I can get a feel of what is out there.

  • Watched the CX Worlds on Saturday and Sunday on TV. Whoah the mens race was epic with VdP beating WVA in the sprint. VdP is my hero, so exciting to watch as a rider. The womens was really one-sided with Fem Van Empel beating Puck Pieterse, then Lucinda Brand in third.

  • Met with a friend and her daugher on Saturday at Hillier Gardens

  • Continued reading "Solo" by Jenny Tough