Here's what I got up to last week:

  • many interviews, applying for roles, and researching and preparing to interview and apply for roles.

  • Beat my PR on Alpe du Zwift (modelled on Alpe d'huez in the French Alps) and finally went under the magic one hour time. Now it stands at 58:25.

  • Made huge changes and progress with my T3 Strava app. Now it is deployed on Vercel, the database is on PlanetScale and I am super happy with the progress so far. The url is and you can check it out if you have a Strava account.

  • I am currently reading the massively epic "REAMDE" by Neal Stephenson and really enjoying it.

  • keeping an eye on the Giro d'italia - 3 week cycling stage race in Italy. Many many riders have left the race due to Covid or illness, crashes. Wales' Geraint Thomas is currently in the lead ahead of the major Alps/Dolomites tests this final week. Looking forward to it!