First proper one of the new year. Getting back into the swing of work and school so we are.

Here's what I got up to over the last week:

  • had Galette de Roi over at new friends home to celebrate the arrival of the king
  • took down the Christmas decorations
  • taught Arthur more coding with the BBC Micro:Bit (he's loving it, me too)
  • went back to work 3 days and did a presentation on the things I learned in 2022
  • Looked after the kids for a day before they went back to school.
  • Watched 3 films: "The Banshees of Inisherin", "Death on the Nile", and "Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery"
  • Finished one book "The Place Inbetween" and continued another "Four Thousand Weeks"
  • One session on the Turbo trainer, no other cycling. Plenty of walking. No running.
  • Received a new streaming amp to replace the old Sonos Amp. It is a BlueSound POWERNODE and it simply is incredible. I have also decided to try out Tidal again so I can combine their Masters Tier to get purely out of this world quality hifi sound. Best things so far about the hifi are: the sound quality, the fact that I can directly bluetooth music/podcast/audiobook to the amp - from my phone or iPad - and it works straight away, the 5 preset buttons on the amp (so Arthur or us doesn't need to get the app out to play favorites), and the eArc connection to the TV (allows high quality sound directly from the TV to the amp).