Here's what I got up to last week:

  • This year we spent the holiday visiting castles in the Loire valley and Marion's family a further 2 hours south. It was a great time.
  • Having spent the last 10 days in France we took the ferry from Caen to Portsmouth. The seas were a bit choppy
  • We returned from France on the Bank Holiday Monday and got back home really late at night.
  • Exhausted for the next day.
  • Did some riding on Zwift. I am currently working my way through as many of the different routes as possible to gain some more points and level up quicker. I did three routes this week.
  • With Alistair and G went to the Brecon Beacons to do some proper mountain bike riding. We stayed in a Youth Hostel at Talybont Reservoir
  • After driving up on Friday morning we did a lower level route part 1, part 2) because the weather was rubbish and wet with low cloud. The ground was super claggy so we had to walk a bit then there was a seriously mega steep hill that took us into the cloud. It was a great route with two sizable hills, a lake and cafe stop and a great introduction to our trip.

    At the end I decided to ride from the end of the route to the Youth Hostel in the rain and took the wrong way down the hill so did an extra 8 miles total compared to the others. The first hill was incredible and fast but it was tiring at the end!

    In the evening we walked to the local pub and had dinner and some delicious local ales there. The walk back to the Hostel was stunning with gazillions of stars and total darkness.

  • The second and final day was Saturday where we did (Fan y Big Loop) and featured brutally steep walk-only sections from the Gap to the summit of Fan y Big then very technical sections along the ridge and a well earned lunch and excellent views from the top. The downhill was good fun and then on the lowlands return along the canal we enjoyed an excellent canal side pint before the final rocky slow-going miles back to the hostel. Excellent weekend would do it again or somewhere new!