Covid Strikes!

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  • Marion tested positive for Covid last week after having a negative PCR. So I was on taxi and children dropoff and pickup duty all week. We told my parents to stay away. So far the rest of us have all continued to test negative.

  • Ordered a new (second hand) car which will arrive this week.

  • I went on more epic bike rides:

    • on Thursday evening (10th Feb) with with Alistair and George did a new route, finally getting to go down Huntercombe (a fast flowing hill we often ride up). There was a lot of wildlife including owls, deer, rabbits and other mysterious night creatures. I suffered my second pucture in two weeks with a big thorn in the front wheel this time. The conditions were cold and dry and medium mud was splattered over our bikes. We made it to Benson and the Crown and did 20 miles total Link to Ride
    • Yesterday (5th Feb) morning early I left solo to meet the others at Swyncomb Car Park and then on a most epic hilly route to the bike barn at Turville Heath. So many hills, so steep and leg sapping. The snowbells are out finally and the weather was sunny. A really good route but we were rushed to get back as we didn't estimate it would take so long and the hills be so severe. The Bike Barn was very good and this route is definitely I'd love to do again, leaving earlier and with less rush to get back! Link to Ride

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