It has been a busy couple of weeks so I am combining them both into one post.
Over the last couple of weeks:

  • Wrote some Go at work as part of MergeCoin. Also wrote some MySQL as part of MergeCoin.
  • Our family car broke and had to be sold. We are now down to one small car and need to find another so we can go further afield (on holiday, motorway, anything faster than 50mph).
  • Test drove two cars. A Volvo (super luxury but out of our budget range it turned out) and a Skoda estate (still very good but cheaper)
  • Had a Covid scare with Marion testing +ve with a Lateral Flow but then negative with a PCR. The rest of us all tested -ve with Lat flows.
  • I went on more epic bike rides:
    • on Tuesday evening (1st Feb) this week with Alistair and George I lead a ride in a different direction to that we usually take. Over to the Ridgeway via Cholsey and Aston Tirrold, then down the super excellent decent towards the golf club outside Streatley, across the river at Goring and back through the Stokes via The Perch and Pike. I had a massive rear-wheel puncture half way through which I fixed quickly. The conditions were incredible. Dry for a couple of weeks prior so the ground was dry and flowing. Ace ride! Link to Ride
    • Yesterday (5th Feb) morning early I left solo to meet the others at Swyncomb Car Park and then on a most epic hilly route to the bike barn at Turville Heath. So many hills, so steep and leg sapping. The snowbells are out finally and the weather was sunny. A really good route but we were rushed to get back as we didn't estimate it would take so long and the hills be so severe. The Bike Barn was very good and this route is definitely I'd love to do again, leaving earlier and with less rush to get back! Link to Ride
    • on the previous Saturday (29th Jan) Alistair and I left super early (7-30am) and rode the Cheese Shed route that has become an excellent staple. We were so fast and early that we arrived before the opening time of the Cheese Shed but fortunately they still served us a delicious flat white and chocolate brownie. Mmm! Link to Ride
    • the Wednesday before that (26th Jan) Alistair, George and I rode a new route to the Black Horse with plenty of short sharp steep hills in the woods around the pub. Ace fun! Link to Ride