Over the last week I:

  • Read a lot of "Staff Engineer". A good book with a ton of links and resources. I am looking forward to reading the interview section with many different Staff Engineers.

  • went on another two epic bike rides:

    • On Saturday morning, joined by Alistair, his friend Andy, and regular George we met early in the cold and fog. We were to attempt a re-run of the week before. The weather colder and sometimes the ground hard, other times very muddy. A difficult extra bit (up the pig track - aka the Ridgeway) at the start meant we were always running late and I needed to be back in time for the washing machine delivery at 1130. Again the super steep hills, but I had to make a detour with George (he had to be back for family reasons) and miss the Cheese Shed and take a different route back. Good ride!
    • on Tuesday evening with our group of friends I cycled to the Black Horse through the usual mega mud and cooling temperatures. There was fog, lots of puddles and saturated mud. thus we were too wet and dirty to sit inside in the pub, so took the fast route back to town and had another pint at the George.
  • The washing machine blew up on Friday morning and I ordered and fitted the replacement on Saturday.

  • On Sunday morning I took Arthur to hockey and then we all went to Ikea to buy some stuff for the kids rooms, picture frames, and look at furniture for downstairs. Exhausting!

  • Took home the second monitor from "work" and now I have two again rather than a laptop screen and a monitor. How did I manage for so long with just one big screen??