Over the last week I:

  • went on two epic bike rides:

    • On Saturday morning Alistair and I cycled to the Cheese Shed in Nettlebed. It was a horrible morning and the route was super muddy. Some seriously steep hills. We had the cheese shed to ourself and even more mud and rain for the return leg.
    • on Tuesday evening with friends I cycled to the Black Horse through mega mud and rapidly cooling temperatures. There were stars. That pub is the best pub in the local area to cycle to. A pub from a different era with no technology, no phone signal. Check it out if you are ever in the area!
  • Did a technical challange for a job I have applied to.

  • Met friends for lunch on Sunday followed by a walk outdoors

  • Continued with the React Native course on Frontend Masters

  • Did a lunchtime walk with Marion on Friday.

  • Migrated this site to andrewhudson.dev (I was previously using 11ty but I am currently prefering Astro as a better and easier way to create content and demos)