Today is the penultimate day that we are in France. This morning Marion and I queued up for our pre-departure Covid test which was a joyful experience as usual. There were many many people today. Then we drove to the supermarche to pick up food to take back to the UK. Originally we had planned to spend some time in France with my side of the family but that was made impossible due to political reasons so we hope to bring some of France back with us.
After that we had lunch and then drove to the coast and walked along the sea, buffetted by the cold wind from the sea. Otherwise the weather would be warm day (the car says 13C).

  • Christmas eve my sister-in-law arrived and we all had a Christmas eve meal, saving the present opening to Christmas Day.

  • Christmas Day the kids awoke at a very reasonable 9am (which is probably due to the fact that they went to bed at 10pm). I wonder how many Christmases will be so late to start with excited kids. The kids opened their stockings, we had a delicious breakfast of Penetonne, then opened presents over the many hours that followed. Much delicious food was drunk, more presents were opened. We went for a walk. Sat in front of the fire. It was ace.

Drive to France

We had planned to come on the 21st but the political rules changed and non-French could no longer come to France so my family had to change their plans.

Marion is french and we had a valid reason to travel so we decided to come on the 18th and work for a few days while here so the grandparents could see their grandchildren for longer than originally planned. We could hopefully see my family when we go back to the UK.