Summary of week

It has been a very busy week in which I went to the gym twice, went night riding to the pub with some mates, met colleagues twice, had a curry with friends, and a weekend with snow and Christmas lights.


Pre-pandemic I bought a 10 pass at the local gym but never got to use it because of the pandemic. I finally did start to use it last week and went twice. I love that they open at 6am so I can go before the kids are awake and be back in time to help take them to school/nursery.

Night Riding

a mates birthday we all dressed up super warm and with bright night lights we all cycled the super short distance on the road to the pub. No street lights and good fun. The pub had an amazingly warm fire and the beers were very tasty.


On Tue I drove up to Bicester to meet colleagues planning for the next big chunk of work and it was really great to do that. In an ace co-working place called The Perch it was wonderful to do some work together face-to-face (not remote as most things have been since the start of the pandemic) and have lunch together. Then on Thursday I met my boss Darren and CEO Marcus for some work in Howberry Park where we still have a small office.


Had a delicious curry with friends Saturday night, then Sunday morning went to a local cafe for coffee and cakes, then the kids played with the ice in the playground. A beautiful day. Then this evening was the first snow fall of the winter, and after dinner we all walked around our estate playing a snowball fight, and made a mini snowperson. Cool!