New Computer!

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New Computer! #

This week I received my new computer - a brand new 16" Apple MacBookPro with the new M1Pro Processor and 32GB of RAM.

I had been waiting for a super long time for Apple to release their new 16" version of the MBP with the new chip and it was well worth the wait as I get to finally replace the 15" MBP I bought waaay back in 2013. Almost 8 years is a pretty ace life for a computer and things started to not work: usb ports, card reader, webcam, battery life was incredibly poor.

Installing new stuff #

Rather than getting going with all the same software and settings that I had in my other MacBooks I decided only to install software and settings that I really needed. At the moment I am making do with Safari for my browser, Hyper for the terminal, Dropbox (a necessity for 1password), 1Password. I decided to install Raycast instead of Alfred, and am taking it slowly.

Rest of the week #

  • my birthday was last Sunday and we took the kids glamping in Watlington. We had a Bell tent with a kingsize bed, two singles, and a woodburner in the tent and a firepit outside the tent. Being autumn it was pretty cold at night and having the thick duvet, the woodburner, and some delicious whisky helped keep out the cold.
  • I went swimming on Wednesday. 40 lengths and 1000m.
  • Work was good and worked on three different projects. The new tool we're working on MergeCoin is proving to be very useful for us as a team bringing out a very competitive aspect in some team members (me and James!), and improving our time to close merge request (TTCMR) with some fun in the process!
  • Started reading "The Wim Hof Method" by Wim Hof
  • Read the entire "Do Walk" book by Lana DeLana.
  • Started looking at the Houdini Paint API

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