Indian Summer

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This week has been all about:

  • I have started switching this site away from 11ty (it was ace but I want something different) to Astro (I've moved a few posts over and it has been very easy). It looks like Astro gets all the benefits of a static site generator but with the addition of a super ace dev environment, plus the option to have all the code as React (or other framework) components, with the further option to make it dynamic should you wish.

  • I switched away from Firefox on my phone, back to Chrome then away again to Edge. Edge seems like a really good mobile browser.

  • On Saturday we took a trip with friends and their kids on our local volunteer run railway. This time we were lucky to have a real steam train, plus fantastic sunny weather. The kids loved it and we lazed around in the sun in the park in the afternoon afterwards.

  • Sunday morning Arthur has his hockey and after that we all went to Queenford Lakes to have a cake and coffee and walk around the lake, see the water skiing and go on the wobbly pontoon.

  • I tried working from our office at Howbery but the super quietness

  • Vitality Points: 29 (swimming with my watch doesn't get points so I need to either get a different watch, or do more sport or walking to get the full 40 points)

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