Weeknotes 2020 #8

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  • Running: A 13.2 mile long run on Sunday just because I wanted to do a 10 mile run to complete 20 miles for the week but got carried away and finally made it past Nuffield along the Ridgeway. Two other smaller runs on paths that were not near the river (super flooded at the moment): Avoiding the floods after work run and 5 miles after work : Crowmarsh + Andrew Road!.

  • Weekend: Ikea was visited (shudder) and lampshades were bought, we stopped at a friends house on the way back. Sunday I did a long run and we tried a new local cafe. The rest of the weekend was spent watching rugby.

  • Reading: I continued reading the second book of the Three Body problem Trilogy "The Dark Forest", and I also started reading "Digital Minimalism" by Cal Newport.

  • Exercise: Running Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Walked the other days. 40 Vitality Points.

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