Weeknotes 2020 #6

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  • Running: I had been planning to run Maverick Dark Oxfordshire on Saturday evening but it was Arthur's birthday and Marion would be away for a week in South Africa so I cancelled it and did an Up and down hills and over the River (5.84 miles) and on Wednesday I did an Emma woke me up 5 miler. Sadly on Sunday it was way too windy for a run.

  • Saturday: It was Arthur's birthday so we took him for his swimming lesson and then to a cafe for his favorite (beans on toast) and play with the lego! Then to Didcot to buy a cake and then home to eat the cake. In the afternoon we walked to town and bought Arthur his birthday present a new bike! He just about fits on it and we had a few practice loops around Wallingford. Bigger wheels make it much faster than his old bike so keeping up with him is more difficult. I'll need to get a new bike at this rate! We watched some of the rugby then I went for a run and Marion and I had a takeaway Indian curry for dinner mmm!

  • Front End North: I won a free ticket to Front End North via a competition on twitter so I was super happy to be able to go to this and have work pay for my travel and accommodation. I travelled up on Thursday and back on Friday evening. Sheffield is a long way north and it was great to be able to have just one connection in Oxford so I could relax in my seat and listen to an audiobook. The conference itself was great - in the Crucible Theatre where the Snooker World Championships are held - and I will write a sepearate post on that this week.

  • Reading: On the train up to Sheffield I finished listening to "Atomic Habits", and on the way back down I continued to listen to "Deep Work". When not travelling the country by train I continued reading "The Best Interface is No Interface".

  • Exercise: Running Wednesday and Saturday. Gym on Tuesday! 40 Vitality Points!

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