Weeknotes 2020 #5

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  • Running: A long run on Friday evening after work: Cholsey River Mud Run, a 10km run on Sunday evening, plus two shorter runs during the week: After Work River Run and Sliding around in the mud Lunch Run. Overall I was pretty knackered this week and probably lack of sleep was a big part of this.

  • Saturday: I took Arthur to his swimming lesson for the first time (usually we both do it, or Marion) and then after going home we all drove to Newbury to meet a friend for a freezing cold but brilliantly sunny walk along the canal and lunch.

  • Sunday: Emma woke up super early (0545). We went for a short walk along the river with Arthur on his bike and Emma in her trike. In the afternoon I watched the Men's Cyclocross World Championship on TV which was very one-sided by Mathieu van der Poel, but exceptionally muddy and difficult course made it interesting to watch, and the Brit Thomas Pidcock was second. After this the England vs France rugby game was on (the biggest game of the six nations as half of us support France and half England) England were so poor and France very good so I decided to not watch the second half and go running instead.

  • Reading: Over the weekend I upped my reading and tried not to watch as much TV. I finished "The Three Body Problem" which was just outstanding, and started "The Best Interface is No Interface".

  • We've finished the second season of Sex Education on Netflix.

  • Exercise: Running Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Less energy this week. 40 Vitality Points!

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