Christmas Decorations!

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This week:

  • Continuing to make progress with the House Controller Next project. This week I have hooked up the DHT22 sensor to record temperature and humidity values (currently inside only). I am storing the data in Hasura (for the moment; probably will go to SQLite and Prisma if I can get the latter working on my Pi) and accessing it via GraphQL which is super cool. The data is not that interesting (because it is inside and doesn't vary that much) and I will look to see if I can get another sensor that I can put in a shady part of the back garden so I have inside and outside measurements.

  • On Saturday we put up the Christmas tree and lights, we went for a cold walk around Queensford Lakes and had a delicious sausage roll and coffee from the cafe there. I received my Neopixels but then found out that I need to buy a 5v 10A power supply as there are so many LEDs and they draw a lot of current when there are 144 of them! So I tidied up the garage, and put some Christmas music on in the house!

  • On Sunday I went for a long and muddy river run making it 22 miles for the week and sticking at 4 runs for the week like the last 4 weeks. On Weds Marion and I went for a run together which was good. In the afternoon we watched England vs. France in the final of the Autumn competition which went to extra time and was super tense. England won! After that Arthur, Emma and I walked around our estate counting the numbers of different lights out there 114 apparently.

  • I Have finished the Serverless Functions course on Frontend Masters.

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