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This week:

  • It rained heavily all of Saturday and I made good use of the time to set up my raspberry pi again. It seems as though I set it up each time I get it out so I am writing notes for myself so there's a place I can look back on to remind myself how to do things.

  • With the Raspberry Pi I started to connect all of the things in the house that are accessible via an API e.g. Hue lights, Sonos so I can make a Nextjs site and control things rather than having to go via 17 million different apps to do the same thing e.g. turn all the lights and music off in the lounge.

  • Have started taking the Serverless Functions course on Frontend Masters. I use Firebase functions in my day job but its great to get a view from a course and also learn about Netlify functions at the same time. Fun!

  • Having started the course I am applying this knowledge and using nextjs's api routes to fire serverless functions to control my house. It is ace!

  • Ran two times. Tried to go walking at lunchtime every day which when working from home in the autumn/winter seems to be a vital thing to do.

  • Read loads of "Dirt" which is a non-fiction book about French cuisine and the author's time spent learning to cook the French way in Lyon. Marion studied in Lyon and as soon as Covid is over we're going!

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