Weeknotes 2020 #4

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  • Sunday and Saturday: Marion and I were in London as we were given tickets to Cirque du Soleil at the Royal Albert Hall, and before that we went to the Design Museum which is something that I have been really wanting to do for ages so it was great to go there. A section on re-imagining everyday objects such as plastic bottles and coffee cups so they could be made in a more energy efficient way or last longer. The spectacle at the Cirque du Soleil was impressive but not until the second half, the first half was a bit slow and not much in the way of world class circus work. We found an excellent place to have brunch "Gails" and wandered around Kensington and South Kensington on Sunday.

  • Running: A long run on Friday evening as I knew I needed to get a run in before going away for the weekend. 8 miles after work along the Ridgeway in the gradually darkening evening. Heard owls toowhit-toowoo-ing and was very muddy on the way back. On Wednesday I did a 6.9 mile run to Cholsey and back along the river. The puddles still had thick layers of ice in them and I got wet feet in places. Monday was an after work 5.

  • Work has been switching to a more remote-first approach in terms of where we work so I worked Tue, Fri and half of Wednesday remote. Working on getting better in my Habits - setting up my desk for tomorrow, drinking more water, getting out of the house - so I can enjoy working from home more. Since I joined Venture Harbour in 2017 We have always been at least one day remote a week, but recently with new hires it has made more sense to go towards a fully remote-first approach.

  • We've been watching Sex Education on Netflix. Really funny!

  • Exercise: Running Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Walking most days including lots in London. 40 Vitality Points!

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