Weeknotes 2020 #3

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  • From Monday until Thursday I was in Oxford with my Venture Harbour work colleagues for our Winter Retreat. As well as

  • Our friends Marielle, John, and Alejandro came round our house for dinner on Saturday and stayed over and we went for a really great pub walk on Sunday. The weather was cold, but with crystal blue skies and sunshine, and the kids loved jumping in icy puddles.

  • This week I ran four times including three times in Oxford - of which two were with my colleagues - and the final run was on Sunday afternoon in the fading light.

  • I signed up for Maverick Dark Oxfordshire on the 8th of February which is a 15km cross-country trail run in the dark woods around Henley. I'm really looking forward to it as I love running in the dark, and Maverick events are always amazing.

  • Exercise: Running Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Walking most days. 40 Vitality Points!

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