Weeknotes 2020 #28

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  • On Saturday we had a long long overdue fondue with friends morphed into a BBQ as it is summer and we needed to be outdoors to reduce the risk of catching the virus. As a result that was all we did on Saturday: eat cheese and meat and then fall into a deep cheese coma.

  • On Sunday I got up super early went for a run and then when I got back we went to Pangbourne where Marion and friends had a paddleboard booked for an hour. I entertained the kids. Then it was our turn and I pumped up the canoe and went for a trip along the river. Emma had different ideas and cried constantly so we had to go back with her so it was just Arthur and I on the boat. I really enjoy going on the river!

  • I ran four times this week:

  • Reading: I finished reading "The Salt Path" which is about a walk along the South West Coastal Path. Super enjoyable.

  • Exercise: Running four times. Canoeing on the Thames.

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