Weeknotes 2020 #24

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  • Holy smokes Emma slept until 0740 on Thursday, which was super great but I still woke up at 0610 and got to read my book and - then later - have breakfast with Arthur.

  • Marion and I celebrated our wedding anniversary and had an excellent take-away from the Italian place in town.

  • On Saturday we walked around Queensford Lakes and had a delicious brownie and coffee at The Wandering Kitchen. Emma is learning to use the scooter and we discovered a place to practice. We watched Bohemian Rapsody in the evening which was a super amazing film.

  • Sunday we walked the River loop and saw a kingfisher, some cormorants, ducklings, and plenty of people out boating. Great times! In the afternoon we had a call with my parents and arranged our first visit to see my Dad next weekend which we're all looking forward to.

  • Running: Two times last week, super lazy and tired and many such excuses.

  • Reading: I'm reading "Running with the Buffaloes"
    by Chris Lear about a year spent with the University of Colorado Cross-country running team, so far it is excellent!

  • Exercise: Running twice times, plenty of walking the other days. 40 Vitality Points.

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