Weeknotes 2020 #2

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  • Back at work on Monday and planning for the Winter Retreat at work.

  • Emma has been ill again with an ear infection, much like Arthur when he was the same age. When she's ill like this she does not sleep very well which has a knock-on effect of meaning one or both of Marion or I not sleeping well either.

  • We went to London for the weekend staying with my brother and his partner Megan. They had kindly bought us tickets for the Shard for Marion's birthday so we did that on Saturday afternoon. It was incredible. Such an amazing view from the top across the city and beyond. On Sunday we went to Spitalfields City Farm after a morning spent going to Columbia Road Flower Market and a delicious brunch at their flat.

  • I ran four times this week including twice from work at lunch time. I have a new 5 mile route that I can do along the river and back crossing the lock at Benson. The evenings are starting to get lighter again after the dark days of December.

  • I am still on the lookout for a good marathon although I have seen one potential: New Forest Marathon. Almost totally flat and includes both on and off-road sections.

  • Exercise: Running Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Walking every day. 40 Vitality Points!

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