Weeknotes 2020 #14

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  • This week was: The second week of looking after Emma and Arthur. Much the same as last. The clocks went forward an hour and Emma has been sleeping a bit longer in the mornings. I received four editions of B Magazine an excellent Korean brand-focused magazine that focuses each edition on a particular brand. So for I have: Freitag, Mont Blanc, Helvetica and Lego (Arthur loves this one!). I ordered some Timtams from Amazon. Daily walk or PE session with Joe Wicks Youtube.

The final three days of the week I did a ~4 mile run which was great, some me time!

  • Reading: I finished reading the final book of the Three Body Problem Trilogy "Deaths's End". It was great except for the final 25% which was weird. Then I continued reading "Killing Commendatore" by Haruki Murakami which is super heavy and long (~700 pages) after not being able to get into it before. Now seems like a good time to read it!

  • Exercise: Running Friday, Saturday and Sunday. PE or walked most other days. 40 Vitality Points.

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