• This week was: The first week of looking after Emma and Arthur half the day and then condensing a working day into 6 hours straight with no breaks for lunch or fresh air. It was great in that I got more time with the kids but exhausting as I was working in one form or other from 0600 (when Emma wakes up) until 1930 when the kids go to bed.

We let Arthur set his schedule so he had sense of control and a routine. Involved a daily PE session in front of Joe Wicks Youtube, Phonics, counting and subtraction, reading, and writing, as well as Dough Disco (building up hand strength - for writing - with playdough and a cool disco soundtrack I found on Spotify). We made sure we went outside for fresh air to the local field on bike or scooter and Emma in her tricycle.

Emma is too young to do school and needs to be constantly looked after. Not at all possible for work and kid sitting to go on so a split day has been working for us so far.

  • Reading: I continued reading the final book of the Three Body Problem Trilogy "Deaths's End".

  • Exercise: Running Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Walked most other days. 37 Vitality Points.