Weeknotes 2020 #12

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  • The Virus: It was the final week of school and nursery for us as the Situation has taken hold of the UK. Marion and I both worked from home every day and it was strange when the Government warnings escalated as the week progressed. First the government told us to physically isolate ourselves, then the pubs and restaurants were closed, then schools and nurseries.

  • Running: I ran on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. 20.8 miles in total.

  • Weekend: We managed to get outside as a family on Sunday walking in the fresh air.

  • Reading: I finished reading the second book of the Three Body problem Trilogy "The Dark Forest". There is plenty of time to read at the moment so I then started on the final book of the Three Body Problem Trilogy "Deaths's End" which is even thicker at 700+ pages.

  • Exercise: Running Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Walked most other days. 35 Vitality Points.

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