Weeknotes 2020 #11

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  • The Virus: While the impact of Corona virus is starting to ramp up in the UK we are still able to move about and the children are in school/nursery. My parents holiday was ended early and they are currently on their way back from the Canary islands. It is difficult to not have some anxiety over the situation and I have started to avoid checking the news and on social media.

  • Running: I ran on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday which meant that I had a few days of non-running over the weekend. 20.1 miles in total.

  • Weekend: On Saturday morning Marion and her friend did a trial run of their 10k running race that they will do in a few weeks and I took the kids to the park, played on the swings and slide and then played kickball mainly with Arthur as Emma is still too small to be interested in kicking a ball.

Emma has decided to wake up before 6 and it has become a new routine, so we are exhausted. But we did manage to get out of the house on Sunday to a National Trust place (Basildon Park) for a short walk and coffee and cake in a cafe afterwards. As there was no sport the weekend seemed super long. I assembled some Ikea furniture in Arthur's room and Marion started putting the curtains up in the lounge. M

  • Reading: I finished reading "Cabin Porn: Inside" by Zach Klein - amazing book and pictures! I continued reading the second book of the Three Body problem Trilogy "The Dark Forest" and progress is getting to the final stages... hopefully finish the book next week.

  • Exercise: Running Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Walked most other days. 40 Vitality Points.

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