Weeknotes 2020 #10

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  • Running: Wednesday I ran Very wet and muddy River Cholsey, then on Friday I ran Off road in road shoes Shillingford Edition and on Sunday Run towards South Stoke. 20.1 miles in total.

  • Weekend: We visited friends in Reading: taking the bus from home to Caversham and then walking up some super steep hills with Emma in the pushchair wet our appetites for what was to come at lunch time: Raclette! If you have not eaten a raclette before it is basically DIY cheese melting and you pour the cheese over potatoes and have it with charcuterie and alcohol! It was amazing! We then took the bus home and watched the final 30 minutes of England Wales on TV. Sunday I went for a run along the river and sorted out books from the garage.

  • Reading: I start reading "Cabin Porn: Inside" by Zach Klein - amazing book and pictures! I continued reading the second book of the Three Body problem Trilogy "The Dark Forest" but progress is slow as the book is huge!

  • Exercise: Running Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Walked most other days. 40 Vitality Points.

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