Weeknotes #2

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This week has been a mixed bag, I ran a couple of times, did some DIY and started juggling again. Work-wise it was mostly about bashing my head against many difficult challenges and making progress with them.

Running #

I went running twice this week: Monday and Wednesday. The Plantar Fasciitis that I suffer from has started to come back and if it continues I will need to find a physio to sort it out properly. I love running and now that the evenings are starting to be light enough I want to keep on running.


We are looking to sell our house and there are a number of places that need some paint to cover up marks we've made on the walls, as well as sort out damp patches. I spent a couple of hours on both Saturday and Sunday doing this. I found that listening to "The Great Summit" double album by Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong to be a perfect soundtrack. Props to Tim Ferris' latest email with that recommendation.

Juggling #

As a way of relaxing, I have started juggling again. I used to juggle a lot when in my final year at university and then when I was living in Cambridge. I have even started to give Arthur some tips although he is definitely too young to juggle he does like to throw the balls and watch me. He calls juggling "doing up-down".

Work #

I have spent this week learning and setting up CircleCI continuous integration tool, as well as learning about Selenium (a tool for controlling a web browser, e.g. navigate to a page, check what the title is, click on a link etc). I now need to learn about testing within node e.g. with mocha and chai. The latter half of the week was spent with the Workbox service worker library, and automating the hashing of files and urls.

House #

We are looking to move house as our current house will be too small for a new member. We have been looking for a number of months but until yesterday we didn't see anything we liked. The house we saw yesterday was amazing but there are a number of other people also interested in the house. We need to sell our house and make a good offer on the house we saw.

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