Weeknotes #17

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This was the last week for me:

  • A lot of other people are doing weeknotes. I personally love doing them as it gives me a chance to reflect on the past week and share some personal things that I would normally not write.
  • I ran a 12 mile long run home via Goring along the river which was probably too much for that day and I was super knackered and dehydrated for the rest of the evening. Nice route though!
  • Marion and I went to Cotswold Distillery and stayed in the Cotswolds for an excellent overnight stay while Arthur and Emma stayed with my parents.
  • I discovered Eleventy, bought andrewhudson.blog domain, hosted on Netlify, and it just works. Super easy to create a new post or page, push the code to Github and it will be deployed automatically.
  • I have been writing these weeknotes in iA Writer (then copy pasting into WordPress) and use markdown so the Eleventy process would be much easier.

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