Weeknotes #1

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Inspired by Rachel Andrew's weeknotes I am going to write some of the things that I have been doing every week. Here is the first one:

2018 Goals #

Here are my goals for 2018:

Reading #

One of the things I am keen to do more of this year is to read more books and this week I finished reading "Progressive Web Apps" and read a massive chunk of "Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life" by William Finnegan and about half of "Messy". I love to read more than one book at the same time, on Kindle and in paper.

Family #

Mum, Dad stayed over on Friday which was really good as they usually dash off after looking after Arthur on Friday afternoon and we don't get to spend much time with them sans-Arthur. Rob came to visit as well on his way back home from Bath.

Dry January #

The start of the year is a good place to reset the body and refresh the mind so this year I have been doing Dry January. So far I have found it easy - having a pregnant wife means I am not the only one not drinking. The only times that I wished I could have a drink were on Friday evenings after long weeks, or when people I am with were drinking.

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