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Today is the final day of January and at lunch I will go for a run. I have run at least three times a week for four weeks now. From this week I aim to run at least four times a week as I increase my weekly mileage upwards to 20+ miles a week from 15+ miles a week.

Week 1

  1. 03/01/2017 Steventon Loop; 2.9 mi; 23:40; Cold and I forgot my long-sleeve top and thicker shorts; First run of 2017.
  2. 05/01/2017 Milton and Steventon Loop 4.8 mi; 39:26; Remembered my cold weather clothes. Cold but sunny, mud was iced up. Fatigued today.
  3. 07/01/2017 Chilton A34 Underpass via Harwell and back 8.0 mi; 1:10:20; Morning; Foggy until got above it then sun/blue skies; 8 degrees; Third of the week!

Week 2

  1. 09/01/2017 Muddy Muddy Reverse Steventon 4.0 mi; 34:31; muddy and slippery; a bit of rain; mild.
  2. 11/01/2017 Milton Loop; 3.2 mi; 25:18; Knackered today; sunny, mild; a bit of wind.
  3. 13/01/2017 Extended Milton and Steventon Loop 5.5mi; 45:40; Cold wind; muddy and waterlogged; wet feet squelch squerch; hill!
  4. 15/01/2017 Wet GWP circumnavigation 6.5mi; 52:40; Wet and then down Cow Lane very muddy; Need some off road shoes!

Week 3

  1. 17/01/2017 Slippery Steventon Loop 4.0mi; 35:54; Very slippery, esp. next to railway; not much energy today; 4C and a bit sunny.
  2. 19/01/2017 CW Milton Loop 3.2mi; 24:50; sunny but cold; faster than usual.
  3. 21/01/2017 Chilton Upton Coldie 10.5mi; 1:27:48; Brrrr was super cold. Sunny. Finally found way to link Chilton and Upton!

Week 4

  1. 24/01/2017 Extended Steventon Loop 5.0mi; 40:46; Sunny; less cold but enough for mud to be mostly frozen; saw a heron and two deer.
  2. 26/01/2017 Fast CW Milton Loop 3.2mi; 23:29; Cold; Decided to run some fast sections. Lots of people running opposite direction.
  3. 28/01/2017 Extended Pointe du plombe 8.5mi; 1:11:14; warm, sunny, windy towards Pointe du plombe, lunch run; fast in

Week 5

  1. 31/01/2017 CCW Milton Loop 3.2mi; 24:03; Humid, grey and horrible; lots of runners going other way.

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