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Last updated: 16 March 2020.

Life #

The World is in the midst of the Corvid-19 pandemic. We are on the cusp of Spring.

Learning #

At the moment I am learning about React Native. At work I am moving on to another React project which will be exciting as it is almost totally from scratch.

Fitness #

Running is taking most of my time and enjoyment which is great because I love running in the mud and cooler weather. I have not been to the gym which is something that will change when I am able after the Virus. I am running three or four times a week, totalling 20+ miles a week. I think I will increase this to 25 miles a week in the next few weeks now that Spring is almost here.

I'm still keeping my eye out for some good running races to enter.

Family #

Marion and the kids are well. Easter is on the horizon and I am looking forward to having a proper holiday with the family.

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