Last updated: 23 February 2021.

Life #

Covid continues. Homeschooling Arthur since the beginning of the year. So far Emma is still in Nursery which makes it a lot more straight forward. Boris just announced the dates for schools going back, as well as a planned schedule for the re-opening for everything else. I am really looking forward to time when we can go see family, friends, and go to the pub!

Learning #

At work we've just switched tech stacks from Firebase, to using SQL, Apollo, GraphQL, and Prisma. It is a learning curve but after a couple of weeks it is getting better. Also we're using Material-UI for our components so everything is developing at a much faster pace. I am also learning about testing, wrote my first Github action, and contributed a bug fix to an open source repo in the last week.

Fitness #

Overdid the running in January and injured my foot (plantar fasciitis I think) so not running at the moment. I am, however, walking and enjoying the warmer and longer days we're now having. As we're still home-schooling Arthur it's great to get out to the field or river with him and get some fresh air.

Family #

Emma is turning into a three-nager and wants to do everything by herself, and doesn't like being told what to do... luckily for us she is able to go to nursery. I think Arthur is pretty bored of homeschooling by now, and fed up that he can't see his friends very often. We are counting the days until he can go back to school. Marion and I are able to go for a couple of walks a week together - usually to get a coffee which is great for us! No kids and some delicious coffee! We're still balencing home-school with work and we're tired out at the end of the week. Luckily for us that my parents are able to help. My parents have both had their first vaccine which is great news. Arthur is now 6, has lost two teeth and loves running and building lego. Emma walked up Lardon Chase for the first time over the weekend.

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