Andrew's Blog


Last updated: 10 February 2020.

Life #

I'm living in Wallingford with my wife Marion and our two children Arthur, 5, and Emma, 20 months. I am getting ready for half-term and running more than before.

Learning #

At the moment I am learning about Atomic Habits and Deep Work. I am keeping this site spruced up and learning a lot about 11ty and in the process doing more writing which I am getting slowly better at. At work I am keeping a habits diary and I am starting to notice trends and eliminate bad habits, its amazing what you see if you keep a moment by moment diary! Its amazing what a good first hour has on the rest of the day, and vice versa. Its amazing how much water and good music have too.

Fitness #

Running is taking most of my time and enjoyment which is great because I love running in the mud and cooler weather. As of last week I have also just started going back to the gym again after a few months away so I will be using that to improve my upper body strength and get some variation from something that is not running. So I am running three or four times a week, and gyming once or twice.

I'm keeping my eye out for some good running races to enter.

Family #

Marion and the kids are well. Marion's currently in South Africa for work so I'm looking after the children. Arthur started Primary School last September and is having a great time. Everyone is looking forward to the half-term break.

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