Emma was born in May and for the rest of the year our lives were turned upside down. One is fun but you forget about the early months and the lack of sleep but finally she's getting into more of a routine. We moved house in September.


Gym and running and walking have been my main forms of fitness after work paid both Gym membership and Vitality Health Insurance - the latter means that I need to get points to unlock other benefits - so it is for points that I go to the gym, for a run etc. I have already started to lose some weight and regain fitness and will look for some events to enter in 2019 to double down on the motivation for training.


Moved house in September, to a rental place while our new house is still being built. Already its in the countryside and bigger than the previous one so many benefits though being a rental place we can't do what we want to it and the insulation is poor so bills are high now that winter is here. Much closer to both nursery and work so commuting is dramatically reduced.


The final two weeks of 2018 ended with me working on a super interesting project creating a Chrome Extension and companion MacOS app - just the ground work so far but really different from anything that I have done before and a break from working on websites.

I released two PWAs, did lots of performance work across multiple projects as well as the regular craft of creating new templates for sites.


Arthur is almost 4 and continuously learning new skills and cracking us up. At the moment he's learning how to use a peddle bike having had a balance bike since his 3rd birthday. We've just chosen our preferred primary school and will find which one he will go to in April before starting in September. Marion is on mat leave with Emma until Spring.

We have been to France for our main holiday in July so that I could watch the first stage of the Tour de France as it was super close to Marion's parents house. We have visited family and friends in France as well, showing Emma to everyone.