Gah. Just get the words down then!

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Been back from Spain since Weds and been doing a lot of tidying and sorting out in the house this weekend, as well as watching sport (tennis and formula one) and the new google wave demonstration ( Spain was amazing. The idea that we could so much different stuff in the 18 days that we were there is mind-blowing when I think about it now. We did mountains, we did cities and we went to a wedding of our friends Cesar and Inma. and we did the beach too. Now with our sun-tans fading and our white skin re-appearing it's time that we took stock of what we want to get done in life and stop compaining about what we are not doing. Like writing a blog. Easy to say you want to do it but when you open up the page to write a post, the words fall flat and bounce off the screen. How to get round this problem? Type faster! Last Friday was my brother's 25+1 birthday and we want into London to "The Living Room W1" to celebrate it with him and his crazy friends and our crazy family. It was a super evening and made better by the availability of Sailor Jerry (my favorite rum!) and some delicious music.

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