Andrew Hudson

Sunday, 26 November 2023

Assemble Ikea

Here’s what I got up to last week:

  • The last two (weekend) days I (Arthur helped a bit) assembled both Arthur and Emma’s new beds, and took the old ones apart. I have stiff shoulders and a blood blister on my finger. Both kids are happy and the beds both look amazing in their places.

  • While I was making the beds I listened to DAB radio on my super old 25+ year old DAB that my grandparents gave me one Christmas. It is wonderful to be able to press a button and listen to some music (and innane discussions) without having to turn on the smart device, press the fingerprint to the sensor, select the correct app, choose some music from the infinite lists. So easy to just press a button!

  • Also watched / listened to the Cyclocross on GCN+. Sunday was the World Cup in Dublin and it was an amazing set of races: first women won by Lucinda Brand, then men which was won by Pim Ronhaar. Epic races over super tricky course. Then I watched some of Saturdays “X2O Trofee Kortrijk - Urban Cross” which were won by Fem Van Empel and then Eli Iserbyt, respectively.

  • On Tuesday evening I went cycling to the Black Horse with Alistair and G. Not been to that pub in a very long time so great to be back there. Usually one for the winter rides as they accept muddy mountain bikers in the middle of the evenings.

  • Still have this horrible cold and it feels like its getting worse again.

  • Did a Zwift session on Thursday lunchtime. The final 5 minutes I had no energy as it was before I had eaten. My fitness is feeling the effect of this cold I have.

  • Have seriously started learning more about Raycast (a MacOS spotlight replacement). I can create custom hotkeys to open applications, run shortcuts and create extensions. I made an extension to give me the current weeknumber. Useful when writing these weeknotes. In the past I would leave VS Code and go into Chrome, google “current week number”, go back in VS Code and write the weeknumber as part of the filename. Now I press a few keyboard keys and paste the resulting number into a new filename. Going forward I want to make this even better by having a custom shortcut to create the file with the default content, weeknumber in the filename. I have seen that you can create some input fields actually inside of Raycast so no need for VS Code. Lets see where this journey takes me!

  • Watched The Fabelmans

  • Interviewed two candidates at work. So stressful and exhausting for the interviewer! We made offer(s) and will find out soon if/when they start. Exciting.

  • Have been reading “Homesick: Why I Live in a Shed” by Catrina Davies. Enjoying it.

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