Andrew Hudson

Sunday, 19 November 2023

Goodbye GCN+

Here’s what I got up to last week:

  • I have been ill all week although working and trying to feel better. The rest of the family have had it or are getting it. Yuck.

  • I decided to try just one monitor on my desk which has freed up an enormous amount of space on my desk. It feels a lot more spacious and calming and as I have only one screen I am less likely to keep on switching between tasks a

  • I am in the process of customising VS Code (my code editor of choice) so that I can do more with keyboard shortcuts. This will mean that I can use the inbuilt terminal inside VS Code and rely on one less piece of software to do my day-to-day coding. Less is best?!

  • Last Tuesday I went for a very muddy bike ride with G to two pubs called The Red Lion.

  • On Sunday I did a 30 minute session on the turbo trainer with Zwift. I am so unfit it seems!

  • Friday evening went out to Le Clos in town for some delicious wine and food with friends.

  • My parents came over on Sunday to watch Arthur play hockey and have lunch and go for a walk.

  • Watched a bit of the Cricket World Cup final on Sunday. Australia easily won.

  • I installed Monument Valley on my phone for Arthur to play. Now he wants to play on it all of the time which has meant that I am now in the process of finding another device for him to use (heavily restricted of course). The first device that I found was a Google Pixel 2 which is really old and has Android 11 on it. Hopefully it’ll work!

  • I am doing Movember this year and my mo now (after 19 days) is super itchy and annoying especially at the corner of my mouth. Can’t wait for the end of the month now!

  • Weather has been rain rain rain, and then wind wind wind. Some cold days some mixed in.

  • Some really sad news for fans of excellent cycling coverage with the news that GCN+ is going to close on the 17th of December after parent company Warner Bros. Discovery decided to consolidate its cycling coverage to just one provider: Discovery+. I and a lot of other cycling fans are really deeply shocked about this news because the content and personality that GCN provided was incredible, and having to migrate to another service and pay double the price a kick in the teeth.

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