Andrew Hudson

Friday, 06 October 2023

Updates weekenote

Been a mega long time since I last posted and many things have happened. I started a new job, have been to France for 3 weeks in the summer, have been on many excellent escapades on the mountain bike and have read a lot of wonderful books.

Here’s what I got up to last week:

  • have started reading “The 5 AM Club” by Robin Sharma.

  • last night I went mountain biking with George and Alistair and today I am totally destroyed. I am on the second coffee already.

  • I have been studying React in super-fine detail following on with Josh Comeau’s fantastic Joy of React which although I have been a React developer for the last 7 or so years I am learning a ton from.

  • Went to London to see my brother and his family for their joint 40th Birthday Party™ where they made a surprise announcement

  • Have started attempting to walk 10,000 steps a day. My brother said that he was also doing this and it sounded like a good idea for me to try it. One week and almost every day I have beat this target. Today (sunday) is looking unlikely but I will do some Zwifting in the garage instead.

  • Went to Reading to oggle the new iPhones, listen to bagpipes in the street, and go on a train trip with Emma as Arthur was away at cub camp.

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