This Year

Obviously this year was dominated by Covid and its related carnage but overall the year was a good one as well as a tiring one.


We were lucky so spend a month in France with Marion's parents in the summer and two weeks with my parents following this. Otherwise we didn't really see anyone and are really looking forward to the time in the future we can all get together.


We used the inforced working from home as an extravagant excuse to get a posh espresso machine and make delicious coffee every day. Both Marion and I are keen drinkers of the dark stuff so we made a lot of coffee last year.


My third year at Venture Harbour and learned a tonne this year. Design Systems, serverless functions, Nextjs, GraphQL, CSS Modules, Firebase, and Postgress. Outside of work I took this further with some cool personal projects with my Raspberry Pi and SQLite and Hasura databases. I think I am starting finally to move away from design and CSS as my favorite areas of interest and really enjoy working with the stack we have going at work. I love controlling things through tech in the real world so having the Pi projects going is a good way to take a step back and build something useful in the house for all my family.

Health and Fitness

I did a lot of running this year. Only during the first lockdown and during the post-holiday quarantine did things reduce. It was a year that I smashed my running goal of 1,000 km and in the end I did 826.4 miles which equals 1330km!. In 2021 I want to run further and achieve 1,000+ miles. There were no races due to Covid but if things change in 2021 I'd like to run my first marathon. I also did a lot of walking and cycling as a family, and did some e-biking when in France with Marion which was super fun.